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Impersonating Famous People

Dyslexia is a medical condition known normally for causing difficulties in reading, spelling and detailed manipulation of words and numbers. It is almost always seen and looked into within a clinical sense, undergoing treatment being a pathological problem, a learning disability. You rarely learn about famous people with dyslexia.


This somber image of learning disabilities and specialists struggling in order to identify it, treat dyslectics and discover a remedy is pervasive. So much in fact which the positive side of dyslexia can often be overlooked, rarely considered.

Positive side?!? To dyslexia?! Yes, that is certainly correct. Dyslexia certainly includes a positive side. And then there ARE many notable people, fashion designers with dyslexia. The simple truth is, while dyslexia does make trouble and difficulties in certain areas for youngsters, students and adults, there IS another side to your coin. Dyslexic people frequently exhibit above-average abilities in physical co-ordination, empathy, graphic and spatial visualization.


Many become famous for their abilities to “think outside of the box”, use your imagination and get unique methods to difficult problems. Many famous people with dyslexia are artistically gifted and achieve high success in artistic endeavors. Apparently dyslexia can actually be a valuable thing, a complaint that gives certain reasons to like people that have it. It’s that some individuals bring “The Gift of Dyslexia”!

Most of the barriers to success for dyslexics are the low self-esteem and deficit of confidence that originate from their bad experiences at school. Their complications with usual reading, spelling and associated studies, put them in an awful light. Our educational systems have long demanded proficiency of these areas.


Students with difficulties in reading were once branded as lazy, inattentive or mentally deficient. Dyslexics were branded as “slow learners”, delivered to the foot of the class. Disdained, denigrated and dismissed from serious consideration. Some were turned off, pay and brought down by period of time prestige these issues brought.

Others were diagnosed and helped to ensure that you deal with their dyslexia. Still others appear to have individually exercised ways to overcome the problems. By whatever means, many overcame their difficulties, used their gifts, achieved wonderful landmarks and possess led exemplary lives. There are thousands of degrees of well-known dyslexic individuals who have achieved this and more. Their names be visible on lists of famous people with dyslexia...


Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia [] publishes a summary of 48 “notable those who been identified as having dyslexia.” A list includes Sir Richard Branson, entrepreneur, Cher, singer and actress, Tom Cruise, actor, Anderson Cooper, American journalist, Charles Schwab, founding father of U.S. brokerage firm and Jackie Stewart, racing driver.

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