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A Day within the Life of a Person Dependent on Drugs

Amphetamines are socially accepted popular drugs which have been easily found in all parts of society. You may say that can’t be true, consider how terrible Methamphetamine is, the amount of lives it’s ruined and think of all of the state sponsored Meth projects. This is all about a very close relative from the terrible drug sweeping our nation, Amphetamine/speed, is along with us, it’s encouraged, the us govenment wants its use mandated as well as the medical prescribes it frequently (about 30,000,000 times not too long ago, accurate statistics are generally hard to find). Speed is prescribed to every age, people coming from all social backgrounds and economic capabilities. Medically prescribed speed, comprises about 50% of the pace used in the U.S., so the overall varieties of illegal and legal speed type drug users inside the U.S. is huge (just quantity 30 million). Amphetamine type drug use/abuse is not isolated on the U.S., this is a world problem, although U.S. does produce and consume in excess of 80% of all the speed in the world.Buy Marijuana Online

Exactly why are drugs so well received, don’t there exists a fight against drugs and what about just say “no” to drugs? In early 1980s, “just say no to drugs” was an anti-drug slogan promoted with the popular president and simultaneously that administration imported plenty of illegal drugs on the U.S., devoid of thought of future negative social consequences (check-out Iran Contra). In early 1980s that popular president was the most important drug dealer on the planet and that is certainly one of the most direct government promotion of drugs possible. He put cheap drugs within the streets and then he also started “The War On Drugs” (I guess he didn’t want competition).


The Pharmaceutical branch of the medical industry makes semi-truck loads of money from manufacturing and selling/pushing drugs towards the U.S., the world. Profits through the sale of drugs to manage the indications of ADD/ADHD plus the symptoms demonstrated by people having trouble coping with our hurried, complex, fragmented society, make up a crucial part of these truck-loads of money. In amongst my old articles using the same title, I tell of the initiative backed by G. W. Bush that is going to mandate Psychological testing for “all” school aged children and in the event the child/student failed test, they can be prescribed a drug to pay the ADD/ADHD symptoms the testing was created to detect. That initiative could not vanish entirely plus its still bobbing around while in the sea of political money supporting Washington, D.C.

Off-shoots in this initiative unsuccessfully surfaced in many states and California recently successfully enacted legislation that could/would mandate student drugging without parental permission. I am sure that ADD/ADHD was foremost priority of the fine politicians who pushed for and lobbied for legal requirements, with the Flu Injection of course. The medical will surely have to order a few more trucks to handle increased profits created from this future government mandated drugging. ADD/ADHD could be successfully addressed with complementary treatment modalities. I and many others have personal expertise in that. You have to be aware that once the trucks are purchased, they need to be filled.

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